Mentor Monday// Phoebe Binkley

ImagePhoebe Binkley

There are a seemingly infinite number of amazing human beings who have encouraged and inspired me along this somewhat recent journey of becoming a musician. Each Monday I’ll feature one of these dear people and try to honor (in this little way) the impression they have made and continue to make on my life.  

When I first decided to quit school and play music, I really had no clue what shape it would take. I’d never written a song, never taken guitar lessons- I’d only sang out with my parents or in high school chorus. I signed up for guitar lessons January ’09, and our family friend, Kathy Mattea, introduced me to her vocal coach of thirty years, Phoebe Binkley. 

This beautiful woman would become so much more than simply a vocal coach -as if that weren’t enough already. She’s listened to me cry, shared in excitement over successes, calmed worry or frustration, but most importantly- she has taught me to hear my own voice, to trust my instrument. I have learned numerous lessons from her-

-to compartmentalize
-to think of myself as a musician, even in the beginning stages
-to always dress sharply (which I still don’t always adhere to.. yet=])
-to go for it- whether its a show/opportunity i’m nervous about, or a note I’m afraid to hit
-to trust myself and my art/voice 

The list goes on. 
I’m still learning, and remembering how invaluable and important this time with her is to me. 

Thank you, Phoebe, for the gift of you! I love you!


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