Drawing Inspiration//Anna Emilia

ImageAs a creative person, and as I allow more and more attention and intention to my creative side, I am all the time finding new sources of inspiration from all corners of the creative spectrum. Weather, nature, conversation, people-watching, fabrics, paintings, photography, all of it. About a year ago, I stumbled upon the work of Anna Emilia, an artist and illustrator based in Finland, and was instantly taken by the beautiful weather/nature inspired watercolor paintings. A year later, I am nearing the completion of my debut EP. I was on the search for album art that gave me a feeling similar to the  ones I’m hoping to convey in my music when I rediscovered her work. Immediately the piece above, “Tree House”, struck a familiar chord with me and I contacted Anna Emilia soon after. She was patient and kind, and very friendly in our e-mail interactions as we worked out the details of getting to use her work. All I am waiting for now are more excuses to place her work everywhere around me! It’s lovely, and inspiring, and I am very grateful to know about it!

Thank you, Anna Emilia, for the gift of you!


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