Graydon Holden// Shelton, WA


Last summer, Chris Hayzlett, Ian Lincoln, and I went on an insane road trip from here, to Denver, CO, to Portland, OR, and Seattle, WA in 10 days- driving 20-24 hours at a time to make the plans we had. Our final stop was Seattle/ Olympia, to play a house show put on for us by our Nashville friend Christiana Odum. After the other three house show/parties we played, we weren’t really sure what to expect.. making it SO MUCH fun and so sweet when we saw how hard Christiana worked to put this all together. So about 40 people or so gathered in a finished detached garage in Olympia, and this is where we first met Graydon Holden. Graydon’s band, Lower Lights Burning, also played the show, and amazed us all with beautiful music, incredible heartfelt and genuine lyrics, and killer harmonies (courtesy of Miss Amanda Sue Winterhalter). We got to all briefly hang out after the show, but Graydon had to turn in earlier than the rest of us cause he had to work the next day. Fast forward a couple of months to October, and Amanda and Graydon are gearing up for their long awaited album release, which was just the excuse i needed to return to the great state of Washington. 

Graydon is an incredible spirit. He is hard-working, and one of the most self-less people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He cares so much for other people, for his family, for his friends, and shows them so with his actions- making sure to spend time with people. He even drove to pick me up and return me to the airport in Seattle- not the shortest trip! (thankyousomuch) Often this makes for a tired man, but he doesn’t complain. He is someone that inspires me to be a better friend and family member, a harder worker, and a more dedicated musician simply by living his life. I am really grateful for our friendship, and your music, and the gifts you bring to the world!

Love you, Graydon!

ps. check out THIS INCREDIBLE video. 

Here is the link to listening and downloading/ordering their Album “Coming Back” 


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