Film Photos from May’s Tour- batch numbero uno!


Okay, So with the exception of the one of Ian, I realize that these don’t exactly scream “tour photos”. But! I also figure that just a bunch of pictures of us looking the same behind mics on different stages wouldn’t quite capture the adventures that we had during the month of May. I also failed to announce this tour on this site because I’m new at the internet game and I only shared things via Facebook and Twitter. #sosorry

I went out solo on a Northeastern US tour with Spoken Nerd and Beards, performing my own music, as well as pairing with both of the other acts. We went all over the place, from Louisville, KY to Portland, ME, and back down and over as far west as Chicago, IL. So many adventures, so many great new friends, and so much good experience that I now have under my belt. 

I’ll share more photos from the trip with you as I get them developed, but y’all, they upped the prices while I was gone, and i’m budgeting for the final mixing and release of my EP!! As well as a two week mini-tour in Scotland with Miss Amanda Sue Winterhalter!! So, I will now be updating this regularly with the latest details. 

Be well!